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What is downloading?

In pc networks, to transfer is to receive knowledge from a far off system, usually a server similar to an internet server, Associate in Nursing FTP server, Associate in Nursing email server, or alternative similar systems. This contrasts with uploading, wherever knowledge is distributed to a far off server. A transfer may be a file offered for downloading or that has been downloaded, or the method of receiving such a file. Downloading usually transfers entire files for native storage and later use, as contrasted with streaming, wherever the info is employed nearly at once, whereas the transmission continues to be ongoing, and which can not be keep long-run. progressively, websites that provide streaming media or media displayed in-browser, similar to YouTube, and that place restrictions on the power of users to save lots of these materials to their computers once they need been received. Downloading isn't a similar as knowledge transfer; moving or repeating knowledge between 2 storage devices would be knowledge transfer, however receiving knowledge from the net would be downloading.